The New Product Introduction Process

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Introduction: The New Product Introduction Process

The NPI process is intended to facilitate product development within Juniper, from concept definition through to end-of-life. Each product requiring a new model number is associated with an NPI Program unless an exception is granted by the ERT. The NPI Phase Exit Requirements document, J3.02.P15.M01, provides detail of the key cross-functional requirements for each phase to proceed to the next. Additional requirements may be embedded in other I2O business processes. An NPI team will manage the product development through the various phases of the NPI process. An exit review is required to transition between phases. The NPI process is more precisely called the Phase Gate (NPI) I2O
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Phase 4: Beta Test and Pilot Build:
P4 begins with beta test and ends with release for production. Phase 4 involves general preparation for LHS (if planned), FRS, and launch.
Exit Goal:
To release the product and ensure LHS (if planned), FRS, launch and support readiness.

Phase 5: Production:
P5 includes FRS, launch, unrestricted manufacturing and delivery of revenue units, and monitoring of the product as part of the overall portfolio. The phase also includes a post-project analysis (PPA) of the program.
Exit Goal:
Exit will be driven by EOL, so the exit goal is to ensure that we are ready to phase out the product.

Phase 6: End of Life:
P6 involves the execution of an orderly phase-out of the product, including the handling of migration issues for customers.
Exit Goal:
Successful product phase out, end of support, and customer migration.

Getting into Phase 0

Each Business Group institutes a formal process for transitioning product ideas into the NPI process. For example, EABU uses the Portfolio Prioritization and Funding Process (PPF), which is documented in the process map J3.02.P34. These processes are part of the Portfolio and Product Planning I2O business process.

Phase Exit Criteria

Phase Exit requirements are defined in J3.02.P15.W01 NPI Phase Exit Requirements, which is posted on the
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