The New Psychology Field Of Positive Psychology

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The new Psychology field of Positive Psychology promotes a “flourishing” life dedicated to individuals looking to expand the pleasant, engagement and meaning in their life. Many Positive Psychologist use Gratitude Practice as a method of therapy to aid individuals with a wealth of positive constructs. Before looking into Gratitude Practice it is important to begin the research by taking a look at what Positive psychology is. Positive Psychology is a newer field in Psychology focused on the study of the strengths that enable humans and organizations to flourish. Gratitude Practice can help individuals become more optimistic and live healthier lives (Emmons, R.E. & McCullough, M. E., 2003) it can lead to greater happiness (Seligman, M. E., 2011) and can lead to improved relationships (Lambert, et. al., 2010). Positive Psychotherapy will also be examined as it pertains to purpose, hope, and life satisfaction in three age groups. Positive Psychology Positive Psychology is seen as the science of positive subjective experience, positive individual traits and positive institutions (Seligman & Csikszentmihalyi, 2000). Positive Psychology is different from other Psychology fields in its “empirical study of human flourishing.” Psychological models were developed to come to the aid of negative concepts such as mental illness whereas Positive Psychology was established by Doctor Martin Seligman with hopes of complementing the already in place psychological models and
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