The New Public Management Approach to Regulations

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Laws, laws, laws, are something that America has strived to uphold over the years in order to be successful. That will be the first subject of our questions today. I will give insight to whether NPM can coincide in a regulatory environment where legal and political approaches are often controlling. In order to answer this question, we must first look at what actually foster’s the regulatory environment. Since the origins of regulations here in America, I believe federal organizations have had the very best intentions. During the industrial revolution, America was dramatically changed forever. From an economical and technological standpoint, we would never interact the same way again. The text illustrates a fantastic point about agriculture stating, “We depend upon farmers and food handlers; however, we do not personally know these individuals.” (Rosenbloom) During the Industrial Revolution, markets just became too unpredictable; therefore, the federal government decided to step in to become that third party “watch dog.” Personally, it is only fair that a third party looks out for our safety. Most of the time we think of federal regulation as product safety, however, it is much more than that. Government regulations are involved in several different sectors, including: market failure, environmental protection, employment regulation, administration of regulation, political patterns, majoritarian politics, interest group politics, client politics, entrepreneurial politics, and
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