The New Red : Social Values

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In Will Potter’s Green Is The New Red, Will brings out that “Social values vary between cultures and evolve over time, and as values change so do definitions of art and obscenity (Potter 36).” Will emphasizes the matter that peoples customs and views change over time as well as what is considered art and what is seen as offensive or a threat. Green Is the New Red brings out the struggle and lives of environmental activists whom are targeted through the FBI and seen as terrorists. This book’s main focus is on how everyday people are prevented from speaking their opinions towards the public and become a threat to corporations. Will begins his book by telling the story of him and his girlfriend Kamber, whom one morning heard three knocks at their door and to their surprise where three FBI agents at the door following up on an animal rights leafleting campaign that Kamber and Potter decided to join in Lake Forest. One of the agents asks Potter to give information about other activists groups he might know and tells Potter that if Potter refuses to give any information, Potter can be put into a domestic terrorist list. Since the world is at ease, the only solution environmental and animal activists have is to create a radical movement in order to be heard thus leading to an unsound argument. “Like the Red Scare, with its hysteria against ‘godless communists’ threatening the American capitalist way of life, this Green Scare is a culture war, a war of values (Potter 243)” In Will
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