The New Republic Of The 1830s

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The new republic of the 1830s-1850s was a society that devalued the role of women. By comparing men and women against each other, giving men a superior status, making their differences more evident, and allowing men to demand more rights, to think and do freely, this society has been created to view women as less than. Women are viewed as the weaker vessel and property to their father, or husband that need to be protected and should be wifely, child bearing, motherly and dedicated to their homes instead of viewing women as their own beings.
As time progressed, the roles of men and women were more defined by what usefulness they had and what society found appropriate. Women were not allowed to obtain education, travel, or go out in public without an escort, nor could they earn a position in office or vote for whom they desired to be in office. There was even a law that stated, the husband takes full ownership of all children as well as any property and money that the wife had attached to her name. This law was known as coverture. Men practically made women civilly dead to society. Society made it so that men are the superior leaders and dictators. Therefore, women and anything that they take ownership to, are not their own.
However, women contributed to the immense economical growth of the United States. In New England, factories began to produce a lot of wealth. Women were prohibited from making a career for themselves or going into any profession because of their domestic…
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