The New School Food Program

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The Meriam-Webster dictionary defines obesity as a “condition that is characterized by excessive accumulation and storage of fat in the body” due to inactivity and a lack of a proper diet. America has one of the highest obesity rates on earth, with childhood obesity becoming an increasingly prevalent problem in America. Obesity leaves one’s body vulnerable to different kinds of diseases such as diabetes and can also lead to internal organs failure. Students spend most hours of their day in a school environment and consume most their daily calories there. Today most school menus are overrun by meals high in salt, fat, and sugar. The new school food program promotes healthy menus that feature fresh, nutritious and appealing menus. The recent changes not only help to improve the health but help’s economically to the families affected by the recent global recession. By changing the breakfast and lunch programs in schools, more children are afforded the opportunity to eat healthy especially the one’s directly affected by the economic hardships. Children are the future leaders of tomorrow and in order to keep them healthy to one-day lead nations they have to incorporate a balanced meal while in school. Recent research studies have shown that executing wellness programs and policies in schools can have a positive impact on a child’s health and overall behavior in a classroom environment. Humenikova & Gates (2008) have conducted studies involving Czech and American children to
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