The New Science Of Winning Book

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In the New Science of Winning book, (Davenport & Harris, 2007, p.7) analytics is defined as “the extensive use of data, statistical and quantitative analysis, explanatory and predictive models, and fact-based management to drive decisions and actions.” [1]. To be successful in today’s competition, my current employer, DLL Financial Solutions Partner (DLL), is competing on analytics and fully aligned its core strategies to be supported by extensive statistical and computer based decisions. DLL is a global financial services company with operation in 36 countries, and its main focus is in the commercial equipment finance sector. In the following paragraph, I will explain DLL’s position in the industry and its ability to successfully compete on analytics with regards to its core business functions. In the organizational layer, DLL has a global business intelligence and global analytics team. The business intelligence team’s focus is data warehousing, dashboard designing and providing real-time data companywide for all the countries, which can be queried via SQL or Hyperion. Given that data often needs clean up and analysis to better understand its trends, the business intelligence team has created a Virtual Reporting Tool which is accessible by all members of the company and is meant to be the only source of the truth. This tool provides live reports and dashboards which are used for monitoring purposes and for analysis. On the other hand, the global analytics team’s focus is
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