The New Style Of Lecturing Now

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Academic cheating, achieved threw supposition of certain grades, job opportunities and extreme goals have lead to a high percentage of 75% test takers, including graduate students and high schools students that have agreed amongst this crime which surprisingly has being evolving as technology and higher requirements in society grows. The result of heavy workloads, Intense GPAs and risky temptations has resulted in an increase, 20% during the 1940s vs. 80% during the 2000s, which has shocked both many others and me. Such inclined numbers have led to increases in academic dishonesty that led to the enforcement of stricter, unavoidable routes. The new style of lecturing now leaves the vigorous work for home which can drastically increases…show more content…
The high percentages of workload vs. those lectures in college are proved to endorse greater amounts of stress and work to be completed at home leading to the result of academic dishonesty. High expectations of grades and attendance also influence the rise in academic dishonesty. The college teaching style changed just as the grading systems. The excessive use and enforcement of the GPA calculator has been engraved in our minds since the late years of middle school. Hearing the phrases, “A high GPA will get you into a better college.” “Graduate with a high GPA!” All has affected our reflection our numerical number representing our ‘intelligence.’ Cheating is seen as an escape to difficult assignments that challenges the range of there GPA. Cheating can be used to increase ones chances of higher grades and percentages in a class that’s considered hard or a difficult learning environment that is rough to push threw with a promise-able grade which also led back to the fact that all these heavy weighted assignments due tend to affect ones workload. Cheating is heavily used as ones gateway to success but I believe the punishments are not thoroughly enforced to make one temptation resistible. That lack of engagement by the academic staff and policies do raise the interest and temptation of such an act leading to an ease and questionable escape to
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