The New Technological Advancements Of The 1900s

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Historical Advertising With the new technological advancements of the 1900s, the concept of advertising prospered into a new industry based on the desires of the people. Historically, magazines, newspaper, radio and television have all greatly improved advertising, making it one of the largest forces that works to help or hinder society. “Before 1910, advertisers mostly sought to inform customers about products; after 1910, the main goal was to create a desire to purchase products” (Blackford 3). Thus, business strategy was created that convinced people that they needed a product. This opened up a new world for people to be manipulated into spending their money on what they thought would improve their lives. Advertising improved the…show more content…
Resulting in many companies perceiving advertising as a risky business. Although, “Between 1918 and 1923, a greater percentage of articles in the advertising trade journal Printers’ Ink, were devoted to ways of convincing “ancient” corporations that advertising was a given of modern industrialism than were devoted to advertising and merchandising techniques.” (Ewen 3). Thus, introducing the need for advertising to the people as well as large corporations. Ultimately, this advertised advertising, creating a new way for old corporations to see how advertising benefited both the companies themselves and market development. Advertising would only thrive if large corporations were willing to spend their money to fuel the consumer market. "Many agencies lost their best accounts, while those clients who remained trimmed their advertising budgets to the bone. Advertisers who had spent nearly $3.4 billion on 1929 devoted less than half that amount to advertising in 1933. Consumer spending slowed to a crawl as lenders began repossessing many ill-advised purchases made on credit.” (Mierau 5). As times got worse for companies they spent less on advertising. Keep in mind those years were the peak of the Great Depression, resulting in the financial crash. Then, ad agencies urged the consumers to spend money they did not have. Furthermore, changing selling techniques to make up for the loss of profit in the past. Leading Americans to want to recover from the
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