The New Term Of School At The Citadel

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School at the Citadel was not what he had envisioned or even close to what he would have ever expected. To start this nightmare off with a proper fright, he was smarter than those in all his classes and that caused quite a few problems. These were separate problems than those that had begun the first moment he was announced at the first student’s gathering to begin the new term of school. Just sitting in each of his assigned classes with others as his teachers spoke strongly that they saw little use in trying to teach a student who should be a teacher himself. For them, just the thought of doing so would be a challenge they may not be up to overcome. This being said over and over again where many could hear, did very little to give aid to him fitting in with those of his term or even slightly older. What followed next was even worse. It didn’t take long for him to realize why no one would talk to him or the other person who had traveled with him from their home village did all he could not to be seen with him. It was only when one girl was spoken too strongly by another not to go anywhere near him or they might lose more than their head being removed is when his blood heated. He stormed up to where the servant girl who was being yelled at without the person doing the chastising knowing he was standing behind her. He simply asked the girl in the costly dress what could possibly be the reason why any servant girl should be denied doing as she wished and
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