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5215218 In the center of the New Testament a centric theme is present -- Jesus is the Messiah and He has helped bring salvation to Jews and Gentiles alike. In order to understand this theme throughout the New Testament it has to be through the scope of the culture that Jesus was brought in and in of each section of the New Testament. Jesus came a time when the Jewish culture was prospering, but also under pressure from the Roman Empire. The Gospel’s tell of the story of Jesus and how he proved to be the Messiah. Then, the epistles further emphasize the importance of Jesus Messiah and how He has brought salvation to all of humanity. Because Jesus is the center of the New Testament He also should be the center of our lives and not treated as a moralistic therapeutic deity. Jesus came into this world as a common Jewish citizen of Rome. Jesus performed most of His signs and miracles in the rural regions populated by the Jewish community. He avoided Jerusalem because of the lessons that He taught the people. The high priests did not enter these rural communities because they were unsafe in them. Jesus chose twelve disciples to follow Him for two reasons. He needed someone to continue on the work when He left and also to symbolize the twelve tribes of Judah. Jesus is part of the Davidic line of kings, so He then exemplifies the King of the Jews. Jesus proclaiming that He is the King of Jews also resonates the idea that He is the Messiah. After Jesus left to heaven He also left

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