The New Testament Gospel By Matthew, Mark, Luke And John Form

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The four New Testament gospel books, Matthew, Mark, Luke and John form a conclusive and powerful portrait of Jesus Christ as the sent son of God. The four books are not in any way explaining the biography of Christ’s complete life, but rather trying to give the fundamental truth of Christianity, the great truths of the gospel and who Jesus really is. Each of the named gospel writers gives a clear and personal perspective of Christ as guided by the Holy Ghost and the themes that correspond to Jesus. With the exception of the gospel written by John, the other three give some considerable presentation of well-known and familiar accounts and teachings only to be underscored by the distinct teachings and accounts that support their complete thoughts. These thoughts by the three writers are brought to a conclusion by John the Apostle, who interprets the life of Jesus by emphasizing his personhood. Though many writers describe Jesus differently, we will always come to the conclusion that he is God in flesh. In Matthew Jesus is portrayed as the Jewish light this is where Jesus was emphasizes the importance of the Jewish law to his people. Also, Jesus is the authoritative teacher and the king of the Jews. Also, Matthew clearly points to Jesus divinity since only God can change the laws that he had given to the people. The gospel of Matthew, Matthew’s gospel, is the first book of the four gospels and also the first book of the New Testament. Matthew’s writings are symbolized by an

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