The New Testament Of The Bible

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The Bible is the (Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth) to all who believes and followers of Christ Jesus. The Bible is consisted of sixty-six books written by nearly forty authors. In the Old Testament there are thirty-nine books and twenty-seven in the New Testament. The New Testament is the second half of God’s truth and instructions for the believers. The canonization process for the New Testament is easier to trace, even though some questions cannot be fully answered. The Pauline Epistles were collected and considered to be in authoritative in the half of the second century. The four gospels is the gateway of valuable information about Christ Jesus and sets everything in motion for Paul letters to the churches. Ever since the…show more content…
So many indications of literary relationship exist that scholars usually assumed one or more common written sources were shared among these three Gospels.
The gospel of Matthews tells a story of love. The Gospel is easily divided into seven sections: a beginning and an end with five teaching section in between. It is because of this, Matthew has been recognized for its emphasis on the teaching of Jesus. He writes about how Christ Jesus showed his love for all both Jews and Gentile. According to Feldmeier, Matthew’s Jesus gives the central position above all to the commandment of love. When he is asked about the highest commandment, he emphasizes that love of neighbor is equal in rank to love of God (Matt 22:39), and he adds that “on these two commandments hang all the law and the prophets” (22:40) (Feldmeier R.R., 2016).
The first major point of the Gospels is that the reader learns about the incarnation of Jesus. God become human as His son Jesus to make atonement for the sins of the world. In incarnation we learn about the first two protagonist of the trinity. Through the resurrection, Jesus’s messianic claims are vindicated and His status as the Son of God is shown unshakeable. The second point is learning about the kingdom of God. Jesus was always speaking and teaching about the kingdom. The kingdom is a place that is already here, but at the same time has not come yet. The important
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