The New Testament 's Book Of Acts

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During the start of the semester, I was a bit skeptical of taking this course. I thought that this course would eventually try to sway our belief systems and change the way in which we think about religion or any higher. It is important to study the history of Christianity to provide background knowledge of historical facts and ideas. What we know to be true before taking this course can all be changed once we open our minds to the unknown and start piecing together important elements of the past. Once I dived into the material that was given to us I quickly realized that this was not the case. The objective of this course is to expand your mind on previous thoughts and opinions related to Christianity. This course was not one of rhetoric or persuasion, but of pure historical facts of the transformation of Christianity and what it is known as today. As explained throughout the semester, what we know about Jesus ' life and teaching comes from the four Gospels of the New Testament. The New Testament 's Book of Acts gives us an account of the establishment of a new community by Jesus ' disciples. According to these Gospels, Jesus launched a public ministry where he and his followers traveled around Palestine, preaching and teaching about the coming Kingdom of God. The Gospels are still being lectured throughout churches today, and this is something that I also learned throughout my upbringing in the church. Christian believers today continue to rely on these Gospels as their
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