The New Trend For Parents

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Religion: it’s a simple word that seems to control a vast amount of lives around the world. However, many people today are starting to say they don’t believe in an almighty power. The new trend for parents is to not enforce the lord in the household and to have a freethinking lifestyle. Many Christian protestors debate if not believing in a higher power is realistic, yet what many don’t understand is that everyone is different and has their own opinions and entitlements. Strong Christian believers also say that the freethinking parents aren’t giving their children a chance to speak for themselves or to express what they feel is right or wrong. On the other side, the freethinking parents say that they never pressure or enforce that they…show more content…
Youth groups in some areas give students a place to have fun while they learn about God. In contrast, some students find it difficult to relate to the material or find it a boring waste of time to go to church (SOURCE). As students start to figure out who they really are and who they want to be in life, they make difficult decisions and sometimes fall back on parents to get them through that time. If a child grows up in a freethinking home, they may have troubles understanding what to believe. Freethinking parents think logically about higher powers, but Debbie wrote that she would respect the “believes” his or her child has (SOURCE). High school is a still a stage of confusion because many students are still under the influence of their parents, yet if and when students go to college or move out of the house, they may find ways to break away from the home opinions. After high school, many students will either go to college or move out of the house, however, self-expression and branching off from home, is all part of becoming an adult. One of the first big steps to becoming an adult is moving out of the house and to college. When signing up for college, the advisors will tell you to join a club or to be involved. Some clubs are religious groups, which provide a place for college students to feel connected to God as well as feel comfortable with the big change in their life.
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