The New Use of Information Technology in the Operating Room

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The new use of information technology in the operating room: The future of telemedicine in the OR for patients in underserved areas Information technology has become a critical component of all facets of healthcare and has taken on increased prominence in operating rooms as well as in other components of care such as diagnosis and screening. No longer mainly used for improved electronic record-keeping (although this is one of its strengths), information technology is changing the healthcare system in profound ways. "The gap between information technology and clinical technology has been getting smaller" and more and more functions of IT are now part and parcel of ordinary surgical procedures (Lockridge 2013). For example, while "x-rays and MRIs are historically a clinical technology but now they're being captured digitally and used in electronic medical records and for image-guided surgery, bringing them into the realm of information technology" (Lockridge 2013). One of the most up-and-coming fields featuring new technology is that of telemedicine or remote medical technology: once it was mainly relegated to consultation, now it has also been applied in the operating room. "The use of telemedicine to break the isolation of the operating room is a highly achievable goal. An open operating room has information on demand for the personnel, fluid communication among operating room personnel, and broad interaction with the learner community and consultants. In an operating

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