The New Vice President : Case Study

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In the “New Vice President” case study, Mid-West University faced a hiring freeze and leadership dilemmas. With the change in executive positions, Jennifer Treeholm, Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs, acquired the new vice president role. At first glance, she was the perfect candidate. Jennifer dedicated her career to improve the overall culture and mission, and she was familiar with the vice president’s duties. Although Jennifer was highly qualified, her previous relations with the staff rendered her ability to lead and make decisions effectively. As a result the college faced stagnant progress from delayed solutions and preventative measures. Thus, the staff began to doubt her abilities as a leader, which caused the previous employee structure to weaken. A New Change in Management Jennifer Treeholm’s history with Mid-West enabled her to be an effective leader. She was knowledgeable of the functions of all the occupations because she worked her way up the totem pole. In order to be more marketable to advance, earned her doctorate. In addition, Jennifer seemed to have many qualifications. She gained experience from her leadership roles as the president of the Faculty Senate and other administrative positions. With her responsibility in the Academic Affairs office, she multi-tasked and handled complaints, wrote letters and reports, and oversaw committees. Moreover, she was capable of making her own decisions. However, Jennifer had several weaknesses. She was a

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