The New Virtual Office Environment

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Introduction Often time people find themselves working at odd hours of the day or night in order to connect with their teams around the globe. Meetings and conference calls are a necessity to conduct business and expand operations; however, in order to meet this need more and more employees are working virtually. Conference calls are conducted from home, airports, and automobiles. On-line meetings can be held using applications such as Microsoft Lync that have audio and video capabilities. Screen sharing will enable everyone to view and discuss documents and presentations from anywhere and in real time. This not only applies to the CEO of a corporation or a partner in a firm. From the employee working at any level in the corporate structure to the entrepreneur to the small business owner use today’s technology to conduct business at the best time and place for themselves and their teams. This is the new virtual office environment.

In the beginning…. The buzz word in 1999 was Y2K. Everyone was concerned that computers would cease to work and the world would come crashing down around us. It didn’t. Instead technology exploded allowing a new way of working to be ushered in. As far back as 1997 technological advances such as cell phones, emails, and laptops with modems began our journey toward today’s virtual work environment. Even then two out of three Fortune 500 companies employed telecommuters (Cascio, 1998). Leaders in the business world embraced the new
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