The New Way Of Economic Stability

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The New World presented numerous challenges for the new English settlers in Virginia. The settlers were in search for financial prosperity through the discovery of gold but their continuous efforts left them empty handed. Time quickly elapsed and their perseverance of searching quickly dwindled. Now, the Europeans needed to establish a concrete way of economic stability. In 1612, John Rolfe, an agriculturalist from Jamestown, introduced a more mild strain of tobacco to the Virginia colony (Brinkley 37). The colonists quickly realized the monetary potential of the crop and began selling it to eager buyers in England. The high cultivation of tobacco in the Virginian colony completely transformed the society as a whole. Growing tobacco…show more content…
The men welcomed all settlers with open arms, promising religious freedom to everyone who would worship as a Christian and also a measure of political freedom. With the use of these incentives they hoped to attract settlers from the existing American colonies to avoid the expense of financing future expeditions from England. The initial efforts failed miserably and some of the original proprietors gave up. Anthony Ashley Cooper, one of the proprietors, was persistent on trying to make their system work. Cooper convinced his partners to finance a migration to Carolina from England (Brinkley 49). The first expedition had 300 people on board with only 100 surviving the difficult voyage. After ten years of settling, the people founded a city at the cross between the Ashley and Cooper Rivers, which in 1690 became the colonial capital called Charles Town (Brinkley 50). After Lord Shaftesbury’s death, the proprietors had trouble keeping order and in 1719 the colonists seized control from them. Ten years late, the king divided the region into two royal colonies, North and South Carolina (Brinkley 51).
South Carolina developed close connection to the English colony on the island of Barbados early on. For several years, Barbados served as South Carolina’s most important trading partner. During
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