The New Website Template On The Century Chevy, Dodge And Honda Websites

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Good afternoon Gentlemen, Can you believe it is March already and quarter two is just around the corner?! The year is already flying by! In the below link are the February 2017 Digital Reports for your records and review. Monthly Notes Below are the February “at-a-glance” stats that you will find in each of the reports: Conversion Rate Bounce Rate Average Pages Viewed Time On Site Impression Share Search Click-Through Rate Total Combined Conversions Fowler Century Chevrolet 4.68% 41.37% 4.47 4:04 52.47% 6.69% 420 Fowler Dodge 3.82% 28.70% 6.49 5:19 53.05% 9.88% 453 Fowler Honda 5.61% 30.31% 5.06 4:14 62.89% 9.23% 388 Fowler Toyota 4.50% 24.62% 6.86 5:41 74.90% 10.46% 413 Fowler Toyota Tulsa 3.88% 25.13% 6.29 5:28 58.98% 13.20% 491…show more content…
Todd also informed me on February 3rd that Stephen Shaferis the new Internet Director at the store. I had a brief intro call with him at the beginning of the month and worked with him on several small projects already this month including a “Referral email campaign” ( for the CRM and working with DealerOn to add the “Window Stickers" customization to inventory. Per the budget meeting with Jay back in November, effective January 1st, we increased the paid search budget to $15,000. Additionally, we also incorporated a $1,100 pre-roll using a budget. February marked month two of this change and as you will see on page 3, we continued to see the account moving in a positive direction with a very strong 6.69% Click-through Rate and 420 Total Combined Conversions. In mid-February, I did get on a call with Jay to discuss the Paid Search account and review the numbers with him. One of the items I mentioned to him was that we were looking to continue working on bringing up his Search Impression Share. After the call the and I worked with Tuan to pull last years sold by zip data, which helped us to further cleanse the account and ensure we were targeting the right

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