The New World By Christopher Columbus

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The New World opened many opportunities to the Europeans. Although everyone country that came to America wanted to conquer land, they also had many different motives on what they wanted The New World to provide for them. The Spanish, French, and British all had different motives for conquering The New World, while some worked and some didn’t. The Spanish were the first to settle in The New World. Christopher Columbus, who was part of the Spanish voyage, was the first person to discover America. His goal was to find another path to Asia and the Indies but found America instead. Once they settled in America, God, Glory, and Gold fueled their motive. Most of the Spanish were Roman Catholic and if someone was a protestant they were persecuted. When the Spanish discovered the Indians, their goal was to convert them to Roman Catholicism. They wanted to spread the word of God to everyone; even to the Indians who had no idea what they were talking about. Another motive for the Spanish was the wealth. Before discovering America, the Spanish tried reclaiming the Iberian Peninsula from the Islamic rule. This caused the Castile, Argon, and Leon’s royal treasury to drain. Once they discovered America, they realized that new colonies, and trade routes from America would help that drain. Another motive was the Spanish glory. Spain wanted to be the dominant power in Europe so by conquering America, they could rule Europe. The New World was seen as a vast property to enrich the crown, the
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