The New World Of Police Accountability

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The book that I will be analyzing is titled “The New World of Police Accountability”. This work was written by Samuel Walker, an author of 14 books and the Isaacson Professor of Criminal Justice at the University of Nebraska at Omaha. The research that he has conducted includes “police accountability, including oversight of the police, early intervention systems for police officers, and the mediation of citizen complaints against police officers” (Walker 243). This book was published by Sage Publications Inc., on January 4, 2005. The authors perspective while writing this book was to take the research he had developed over a number of years and argue how police accountability has changed. The mains points of this writing involved examining…show more content…
One example is within the text which states, “[a] Century Station found that the problems of shootings was not a matter of a few bad officers—the proverbial “rotten apples”—but poor management practices” (Walker 3). Here, the author provided a well-known issue in regards to officers shooting before they fully understand the situation; one can conclude that without knowledge over how to conduct different circumstances then officers cannot completely be in the wrong. Essentially, officers are taught how to care and protect their community and as a result of lack of practice they will not be able to differentiate when necessary.
Another important finding Walker discovered from his research involves the “Confining the Use of Force” (Walker 510). In this chapter he discussed the importance of the law enforcement identifying when it is appropriate for them use force. According to the text, “A key element in a use of force policy is confining the use of force by specifying the circumstances what it may and may not be used” (Walker 51). If officers were aware of the lawful and unlawful acts that could take place, then maybe the police Walker then goes on to explain four lawful reasons to why officers would have probable cause to use force when constraining on someone. “Members may use the department approved non-lethal force techniques and issued equipment to: a. Effect an
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