The New World - Original Writing

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October 16, 1996: As soon as the door opened, we got to the radiation suits. As my dad and I saw the new world, he was amazed at how the incident had changed everything, he was saying in disbelief,” I can’t believe this! Everything gone… our old house… our neighbors. Son let 's go down to your mother and brothers, and tell them what we have seen in this giant wasteland.
” As we headed down the hatch, he said,” Get ready for work tomorrow, we have a lot to do.” Like what,” I asked. “We have to start building houses,” he responded. “Why so soon, it’s not like anyone is left, right?” I questioned. He then answered, “One of our neighbors had a shelter built, but I’m not sure if he made it.” We then went down the hatch, through the detox center, and into the shelter. My two brothers drowned me with answers like,” What did you see,” all I can answer with is nothing. “Jeff,” my little brother asks,” What was the sun like?” “I didn’t look at it much, but it is like I described it before, bright big yellowish, orange, and bright,” I explained as we went to check on the fish farm. As I’m going through I go through my mental checklist: STEP 1: Breeding fish are good: ✔ STEP 2: Food Fish are good: ✔ STEP 3: Frys (baby fish) are good: ✔ STEP 4: Feed all the fish: ✔ “Jeff, Joel, Grant, dinner is ready,” our mother demanded. As Joel and I walk down the halls, past the infirmary and gym,…
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