The New World - Original Writing

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October 16, 1996: As soon as the door opened, we got to the radiation suits. As my dad and I saw the new world, he was amazed at how the incident had changed everything, he was saying in disbelief,” I can’t believe this! Everything gone… our old house… our neighbors. Son let 's go down to your mother and brothers, and tell them what we have seen in this giant wasteland.
” As we headed down the hatch, he said,” Get ready for work tomorrow, we have a lot to do.” Like what,” I asked. “We have to start building houses,” he responded. “Why so soon, it’s not like anyone is left, right?” I questioned. He then answered, “One of our neighbors had a shelter built, but I’m not sure if he made it.” We then went down the hatch, through the
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I couldn’t respond with detailed answers, but giant wasteland, and I told him about everything I remembered from the past. For dinner we had baked fish and fries. My dad and I we bombarded with questions from my mother and brothers.
After dinner dad and I went into the living room and discussed what we were going to start with tomorrow.
"Initially we’re going to wake up at 6 then we’re going to see if the Smiths made it through the incident. Next we 're going to start building houses. After that there will be normal chores." "Got it Dad," I say in disbelief.
October 17, 1996: When I got up today I ate breakfast and did my morning chores, when dad comes down with Mr. Smith, I was surprised when I saw him, I have seen since I was 6 before this whole thing ever happened.
Dad complained, “Since you didn’t get up at 5am like we planned, I just went through with the plan of looking for The Smiths.” “But I thought we decided to get up at 7,” I questioned. “Nope we decided on 6,” he responds. “Joel, Grant, come here please,” my dad requested. “Yes dad?” they said at the same time. But then Joel asked Mr. Smith,” Who are you?” Mr. Smith responds surprised, “I’m Mr. Smith, your parents’ and brother’s old neighbor.” Mom my came in the room more surprised than she looked when the alarm was set off. “Jon how are you doing,” my mother asked super surprised. “I’m
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