The New World Essay

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Driven out by war, poverty, and uncertainty of the future, the English sailed their way out to America. The New World was a place for them to broaden their influence over world affairs and increase wealth. They saw this as an ideal chance to create a new beginning for themselves and leave the problems of the past behind to establish a utopian society. Upon their arrival, the English brought many beneficial goods with them which were of great use, however they also introduced disease which devastated the Native Americans. There were many negative things that happened in the lives of Native Americans after the arrival of the English. Among the negativity was the greatest loss of the demographic disasters in history. The Native American population dropped from nearly 30 million to 3 million. Whether the English had come as missionaries or settlers to America, they created upheaval for the Native Americans. The intrusion of English brought new beliefs that threatened their lives. Initial contact with the English was good hearted, until the land-hungry and conversion-minded migrants revealed their true colors. The disparities during the seventeenth century between these two cultures marked great misunderstanding, conflict, and war. When the English first arrived they brought various diseases with them that were deadly to the American indians. Among these shared disease was small pox, a widespread epidemic, and by 1712 the population of the Indians had been significantly
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