The New York And Chicago

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Recession was a great nightmare for recession brought with it multiple ideals of a troubled economy with regards to the community sufficiently offering services to the public. Cities across the United States have faced the toughest times in recent years with regards to healthcare service provision which has equally lead to closure of several hospitals. Focus for paper will reflect on the situation in the cities of Philadelphia, New York and Chicago; an look into the economic impact of the closure of the hospitals will be expounded upon in-depth as to establish an economic inference reference point economic levels in the said cities. The effect of tough economic times for the United States is evident in the closures of hospitals with some speculating that the facilities have fallen deep into debt as well as the situation is at the tipping point of getting worse in the near future with some cities even going to the extent of invoking the ideals of Chapter 9 bankruptcy (Dixon, Robertson, Appleby, John , Burge , & Delvin , 2011). The outline of this paper will be build upon analysis of individual hospital cases in the respective mentioned cities. The analysis will be founded on a critical point of view so as to culminate into a comprehensive economic analysis, together with the impact of the closure of city funded hospitals in the United States of America. The analysis on the impact will be narrowed particularly to the local communities.
From the offset, what are left behind are
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