The New York Buddhist Church

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Bianca Rodriguez
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Dr. Allison Moore
26 October 2015

Shin Buddhists : “Zen is not the answer”
On October 24, 2015 the New York Buddhist Church was holding an Autumn Festival Service. Amanda and I attended the event from 12-4 pm. This Buddhist Church in particular is Jodoshinshu Buddhism which originated in Japan. This type of Buddhism is also called Shin Buddhism for short, within the school of True Pure Land Buddhism, which is based on Mahayana Buddhism. The main temple is in Kyoto, Japan and was founded by Shinran Shonin. This type of Buddhism is practiced widely in Japan. The New York City location in particular was established in 1938 by Reverend Hozen Seki and his wife, Satomi.(NYBC)
The outside of the church is very humble in appearance. It doesn’t look like a place of worship at all from the outside, but the statue of Shinran Shonin in the front makes the building seem particularly important as you pass by. As we ascended the stairs, there was a small garden of flowers surrounding the Shinran Statue, which survived the atomic bombing of Hiroshima. There was a hand painted sign that said “Autumn Festival” hanging from the front fence. The foundation of the church is slightly elevated as well.
On the inside, there is a lobby with stairs going up and down, and an entrance to another room. Here it was lined with tables of food and merchants and a silent auction of traditional Japanese items and souvenirs. The majority of the people filling the room were…

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