The New York City Police Department Youth Services Section

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For my youth program I have selected the New York City Police Department Youth services section. The NYPD has eight different tactics to approach youth ranging from at risk youth to youths who are thinking of coming a police officer.

First, one of the most progressive programs the NYPD offers a cricket and soccer league, this league is for 14 to 19 year olds. Cricket and soccer’s are not part of the three large American sport, but they are two of the most played games in the world. The league is under the Department’s New Immigrant Outreach Unit with this league the NYPD is atble to engage the immigrant population in a very effective way. I believe that this program allows for a true relationship building process. With this relationship the NYPD is able more effectively engaging crime.

Second, The police youth dialogue program “is a workshop in city high schools that offers high school students an opportunity for positive interaction and dialogue with NYPD officers.” Police officers are generally viewed by the youth as “good time killers” or fear the police by their culture. When a police officer encounters anyone it is generally because the person or persons have broken the law. This creates a skewed view of the police in a youth’s mind. The youth old sees the police officer as someone who is only there to enforce the law. The truth is the police are here to serve in many different aspects. One of those aspects is to enforce the
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