The New York City's Government

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New Amsterdam, as it was then known, was settled in 1614 by Dutch fur traders and became the most important port in America. (Reed, 2011) The two rivers flowing on each side of Manhattan grant easy access to the ocean, and Henry Hudson remarked that the harbor was the best natural harbor he had ever seen in the world. For hundreds of years the city has been at the epicenter of world trade, and immigration to the new world. Millions of immigrants have filled the streets of New York, from Europe, Africa, South America, Asia, and elsewhere.
The city of New York has not always had as positive of a city government as the city's history may suggest, however. It has had a mixed political system since its beginning, with its democratic principles in question as corruption has taken hold of the city from time to time. Boss Tweed, a notorious mayor from the 1860s, was so corrupt he was openly the mastermind of the city for thirty years. His huge profit margins as a result of his control over the streetcar transportation system in that time prevented the New York subway from being built until 1910. The Italian immigrants who came from Sicily maintained traditional family ties, which soon became the American Mafia, which controlled crime in the city from the 1920s until the…

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