The New York Court System

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Freedom Fading to the Beat of the Gavel Imagine someone close that’s lived the straight and narrow to get where they are at. They are not perfect, maybe they could have put a little more time into their assignment at work or held their temper towards the grandpa driving too slow in front of them, but they’re just human living life the best way they know how. When a not-so-freak accident occurs and they find themselves behind bars imprisoned for the rest of their life. Sounds like the plot to “Shawshank Redemption” right? At this very instance, this story is being told of ordinary citizens behind the curtains of the New York Court System in rapidly increasing numbers. What may seem like an isolated incident is part of an ever-growing…show more content…
Furthermore, she was not only denied the expert testimony of a scientist that could confirm the rare disease as a witness in the trial but the judge Oliver Taft, denied their request for a recusal. A recusal being a request of a judge to step down from a trial, if there is any suspicion that the judge has any bias towards the case. This seems like a great idea other than the fact that no one forces the judge to step down, they get to decide for themselves if they have any bias. In the end Silvo was wrongly convicted, had her other daughter taken away and was thrown in jail for 25 years. It may seem strange that a judge could derive such an extreme verdict without taking all the evidence into consideration but there is a strong chance that Taft had made up his mind as soon as he laid eyes on Rosalin. Rosalin, being a destitute single woman, has the appearance of someone guilt of such a foul act; she stood no chance against the Judge’s bias. Taft later came to a vastly different verdict in a similar case with the main difference being the litigant: A well-off woman in a good marriage, Karen Campbell, molded perfectly to Taft’s image of a good mother. Karen was let off without even a warning and later finished what she started with her daughter, even after a surmounting amount of evidence against Karen poisoning her daughter was brought forth. This story of the prosecution of the innocent and victims is a common theme throughout the New York Court System.
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