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Every person with an online account of some kind would like to think that their private life is just that, private. Though, in this day and age is any part of life truly private? As the New York: Legal Resources Organization points out, "While the sharing of social media may help us feel closer with family and friends…, social media can create a number of problems too”(“Privacy Laws and Social Media Sites” 1). Is that defunct Myspace page no one has visited in years really a part of the past? Or is that old instant messaging account where hours, maybe even weeks or months of personal information was given out really gone just because the account was deleted? In the short answer, yes they are, but also no they are not. Those accounts may no…show more content…
In fact, some may say that privacy is a thing of the past. Although people may wish to maintain privacy in the modern world, this goal is surely impossible, with the issues listed above at hand and the rapidly changing ways of the world. One major issue with the current use of social media is the policy of employers investigating their employee’s social media accounts. As Michaela Whitbourn of The Age notes, “The use of social media accounts to assess candidates for work, education and other opportunities was "an area of growing concern"(Whitbourn 1). In a world where political correctness and social justice reign supreme, businesses want to ensure that they are legally secured in the case of any negligence an employee may incur. Today, many companies would consider risqué or controversial social media posts as forms of negligence. There have been many occurrences over the last few years when an employee has been fired after making an insensitive, inappropriate, or immodest post on Facebook or Twitter. For example, “Ehling, a paramedic and nurse was terminated from her employment and sued… the key issues revolved around a Facebook post she made suggesting… paramedics should have allowed a patient with offensive political views to die”(Malouf 2). In fact as evidenced in another example, social media can disable someone from obtaining employment in the
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