The New York State Education Department Office Of Professions

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It is fairly common knowledge among people in education and especially the medical field that nursing is a massively growing profession. This fact is seen on the New York State Education Department Office of Professions website where there is data that shows the increase of licenses distributed by the state from 2010-2014. While it is known that there are higher numbers of people flocking to nursing as a profession, it is not always clear why people are beginning to choose this path. From what I can think, changes in the national and state economies, changing gender roles in the profession, and a changing need for types of nurses could be reasons for the changes in data. Since 2008 and the Great Recession of the United States there has been a significant amount of discussion in the country about what jobs are best, what will make you the most money, and which jobs are going to last and provide people with job security. Professions such as teaching, especially in New York State, have become difficult fields to go into because of the lack of job openings and cuts to education in state and national budgets. Therefore people are attempting to look for profession that are growing and that will always be around. Many end up looking to the medical field, specifically nursing, as a profession that will always be needed and in many ways provides flexibility in terms of workplace options and the number of options available. Money is always set aside in state and national budgets for
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