The New York That Newland Archer

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There is a change to the New York that Newland Archer has been accustomed too his whole life. Living in the upper-class New York, there are many traditional customs one follows. A first person narrative told by Newland Archer, the stories protagonist, showing his view on his new life in New York City. Archer befriends Lawrence Leffert; a man who displays himself as a perfect man. The character of Lawrence Lefferts is established for a reason, to help Newland realize his true self, and how he doesn’t follow the values that are in place during his time. Edith Wharton, the stories author, wrote in Lawrence Lefferts as foil character to create a bigger fallout between the protagonist and other major characters. Archer must make it clear where he stands, after getting suspicions that a his inner circle society values, can be changed so easily by Lawrence Lefferts, a man whom contradicts the social norm of upper-class New York. At first Newland Archer sees Lawrence, as honest man in the New York society throughout book one. Lawrence Lefferts a approachable young man with good taste and high moral standards amongst his inner city society.As the story progresses, Archer sees Lawrence as he really is, a man of many sorts, who isn 't the man he actually is. Lawrence is in fact a hypocrite, who betrays himself as a perfect being, but is a liar who goes against all the moral values of the group. Edith Wharton, the author, uses this minor character, Lawrence Leffert, as a foil
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