The New York Times By Steven Greenhouse Spreads Light On Discrimination

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America is based on the belief that all men are created equal in the eyes of god, and therefore will be seen and treated as such. However, what our founding fathers had planned for our great country and its citizens is far from the reality that many live in. The American mindset towards immigrants and those who are ethnically diverse has become increasingly prejudiced and fabricated. Our fear of terror and economic loss has engulfed the masses in a panic induced mania, that resulted in the bigotry and unfair treatment of people all over the country. Ignorant of the fact that their parents, grandparents, and past generations alike are foreign to the land they live in and were immigrants to America themselves. When in fact according to…show more content…
Along with this after filing a complaint against his racially biased coworkers, he was dismissed from his duties. Amplifying the rampant inequality in the workplace. Creating fear in the workplace is harmful not only to the individual, but also to the economy. Many people fear that an influx of illegal immigrants will eliminate their jobs as they would be paid less, and also wouldn 't pay taxes due to their alien status. However, according to an article by immigraton is actually a way to increase American jobs, the GDP, the economy, and decrease the deficit. As America attracts people from all around the world looking to get an education and do their best in life, a study done by the white house found that “over 70% of foreign graduate students were studying science, technology, engineering, or math”. However they often become illegal aliens once their visas run out. This stops these graduates from opening businesses, creating jobs, and keeps the skilled workers from aiding America in the competitive world that is today. Among Americans there has been an increasing concern about immigrants and the threats they may pose. However, the feelings many Americans have are based off of stereotypes, and false facts,
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