The New York Times Coverage Of The Holocaust

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This research topic was on the New York Times coverage of the Holocaust. When first starting this report the idea of how the Holocaust was treated in the United States never truly came to mind. After doing a research project on it, the things that came up was some unbelievable stuff. The American reporting on the Holocaust was absolutely atrocious, in one of the biggest genocides in all of history, almost half of the American people didn’t even know about the Holocaust and still to this day most people don’t know much about it; One of the biggest newspapers out at this time failed in getting important information out to the American people, and the sad part about it all is that not only did the newspaper know about it, but the President of the United States as well. Unpublished Information The New York Times had all the information on what was happening in Europe, however even though the editors knew the information just DIMINISHED. The thing I truly never understood is that, why would reporters have information and never publish what they truly could. Its essence became knowable very fast, from Nazi threats and undisputed eyewitness reports collected by Americans agents (Gonchar).“The original sin of neglecting the Holocaust and the current trend that has seen unprecedented coverage of alleged genocides may very well be linked,” (Kersten). “The New York Times, the nation 's leading newspaper, didn’t report on the full effect of the killing of the Jews. (“The United

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