The New York Times and Boston Scientific

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This case study presents two companies, The New York Times, a publishing company and Boston Scientific, engaged in the field of medical equipment and health; that use information technology in different ways to foster innovation and maintain an edge in their respective industries. The New York Times used a shared service across nearly two dozen newspapers, a radio station and more than 50 web sites. Its role is to accelerate entry onto new platforms by identifying opportunities, conceptualizing, and prototyping ideas. They also partner with other companies such as Netflix to produce an interactive map that shows most popular Netflix rentals. New York Times have also been able to come up with other products like Times Widgets, and Time…show more content…
Also, staffing levels are low since there is no need to have multiple staff doing the same thing at different locations. Shared services also enable the company to save on the total cost of investment and maintenance of IT. 2. Collaboration between and Adobe readers lead to the development of Times Reader 2.0 application, the next generation on-screen reading system on the Adobe Air platform. Times Widgets, a widget-making platform was a contest winner as well as the recently launched Times Wire. Collaboration can also help a company to overcome shortages of key technical talent. 3. Share services especially with other companies can foster growth. In the case of NY Times, it accelerated entry onto new platforms by identifying opportunities, and conceptualizing and prototyping ideas. 4. Redundancies are eliminated through centralization of services, and standardized of processes. 5. The cross fertilization of ideas is very helpful for research and development. Knowledge sharing can lead to better ideas and the development of unique and better quality products. Differentiating products from competitors and new entrants increases a company’s competitive advantage. By coming together, NY Times and Netflix were able to launch a cool interactive map that shows the most popular Netflix rentals across 12 US metropolitan areas. 6. Centralization of information also makes it easy and faster to
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