The New York Yankees Baseball Organization

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Over a 114-year period between 1901 and 2015, the New York Yankees baseball organization has taken sole positioning as the most successful franchise in the professional baseball world. As a whole the franchise has won: 43 American League pennants and 27 world championship titles. With statistics and accomplishments this vast, it is no wonders the Yankees are renowned and acknowledged as one of the most outstanding baseball teams in the sport. The New York Yankee’s franchise was founded in 1901, in Baltimore, Maryland. The franchise played its inaugural season two year later on January 9, 1903. The founders of this historic franchise organization were two gentlemen by the names of Frank Farrell and Bill Devery. This franchise has dominated the sport of Major League Baseball over a century, recording 20 seasons with at least 100 wins “Hiergesell.” When the franchise was moved to Manhattan from Baltimore they received the name Highlanders and were relocated to their new home field known as Hilltop Park “Yankees Timeline.” The 1923 squad would always be the most memorable team because they defeated the New York Giants to earn the first of a total of 27 World Series championships (the all-time record in professional baseball). The New York Yankees (1936-1939 and 1949-1953) and the Oakland A’s (1972-1974), are the only two franchises in all of baseball to win the fall classic in three consecutive seasons. The Yankees are one of the few franchises in the sport of Major League
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