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X-Stream was founded in Auckland, New Zealand by CEO Gil Reihana at the young age of 25. He began with three-hundred thousand dollars that he had inherited along with money he had convinced other family members to invest. This company that started out as assembling personal computers, grew to specializing in web design and consultation on the various applications they offered to the consumers living in New Zealand and Australia; they did this through chair stores and independent retailers. X-Stream had quickly become known for the customization of their products, the quality of their hardware, extraordinary delivery times, and excellent services after the sales were completed. Reihana believed in the importance of upholding a strong reputation; he kept the office atmosphere casual in order the for the communication to be effective and that all those involved in the organization should have their hand in the decision making process. He remained confident that the staff would keep matters of the company confidential; Reihana 's philosophy persisted that if additional information was shared with employees, they would be likely to support the decisions made by the management. Once the decisions were made, Reihana supported the staff in the creativity of implementation of the processes. During the company 's infancy, Reihana had met with each member of the staff to discuss how they felt in regards to the job at the moment, what their goals were, and plans for the year that
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