The New Zealand Health Survey Essay

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1 The New Zealand Health Survey (NZHS) produces figures from where New Zealand official statistics are published. Statistics New Zealand integrate the official data from the NZHS into the Programme of Official Statistics to coordinate data across government (New Zealand Health Survey: Content Guide 2012/2013, 2013). These results then assist the Executive Government of New Zealand, Government Departments and local authorities in policy making to meet the demands of the general public. The objectives of the NZHS are stated as “supporting the formulation and evaluation of policy through the provision of timely, reliable and relevant health information that cannot be collected more efficiently from other sources, and that covers population health, health risk and protective factors and health service utilisation” (The New Zealand Health Survey: Objectives and Topic Areas August 2010, 2010). As a result the health of the population of New Zealand can be monitored from the NZHS. The NZHS is sponsored by the Health and Disability Intelligence Unit within the Ministry of Health’s Policy Business Unit. Their role is to design, analyse and report findings, while CBG Health Research Ltd conduct field work and data collection (New Zealand Health Survey: Methodology Report 2012/13, 2013). There nine major concepts underlying the NZHS, these include health status, long-term health conditions, risk and protective factors, nutrition, mental health, oral health, health and service
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