The New Zealand Police and the Mistakes They Have Made in the Past Few Years

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The New Zealand Police force has been in the public spotlight since 2004, where there have been many enquiries into the way they do things and acquisition raised against them. Peter Marshall came in as the Commissioner of New Zealand Police in 2011 and from there has faced a “massive clean-up of the force” (Bridgman, 2011). This essay will consist of an analysis of the New Zealand Police and the errors that they have faced over the past few years. To do this analysis I will be using two articles to analyse the errors, the first being written by Kotter & Schlesinger which is about choosing successful strategies for changes within an organisation (Kotter & Schlesinger, 2008) and the second written by Kotter titled – Leading Change; why …show more content…
This means as soon as a senior management staff member does not understand the need for change they would no longer pass this on to the lower level members of the force, creating a follow on effect.

Marshall knows the only way to go about a change is by having the support of frontline offices and middle management (Bridgman, 2011), without a powerful enough guiding coalition changes are near impossible to implement. Strong leadership is required to lead the coalition group in their change and ensure that all parties are being equally represented within this group. As the previous changes had never been communicated to staff, they are now in the mind-set that any changes to be put in place now are “management fads that would soon pass” (Bridgman, 2011). Marshall being appointment gives him the opportunity for a fresh start to get the staff on side and create a strong guiding coalition in the force as he knows without the support of the frontline staff and middle management any changes he tries to implement will be comprehended by staff as another one of those “management fads”. By doing this it will allow for the force to make their changes with input from all levelled staff. But on the other hand upon arrival Collins has put the pressure on Marshall publically demanding that he make the changes that were outlined in the Commission of Inquiry and that they are implemented quickly. Undercommunication is step
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