The New Zealand 's Constitution Essay

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LAWS121 Essay:

New Zealand 's constitution is very unique and is the base of our legal system. The constitution is unwritten allowing a variety of elements that make up our constitution some are; constitution conventions and statutes. New Zealand 's constitution structure is separated into three branches; the legislature, judiciary and the executive . The executive is the decision making branch, it is believed that the executive is where the real power of parliamentary supremacy lies, as the decisions they make influence the process of legislation . Throughout this essay I will emphasise how statutes are more important and effective in contrast to constitution conventions.

Constitution conventions are instruments that form the New Zealand constitution. They are customary non-legal rules that modify and regulate the nature of the constitution or government . Conventions were introduced through customs that develop over-time and are dependent on those who construct and obey the law, becoming entrenched. The nature of conventions itself are flexible, therefore it cannot be judicially enforced . Statutes are vital to the consitution, they are written sources of legislation, where they can be legally enforcable especially in courts, therefore cannot be flexible in ways that conventions are viewed . Statutes hold vital rules that are used to restrain the executives actions, they also are used to enact authority through courses of actions or prohibiting certain matters.
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