The Newest Powered Commercial By Coca Cola Co.

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Every professional athlete has his own story which made him as we see him now. Some Journeys were more difficult than others. However, the common keywords between all of them are the hard work and determination. Coca-Cola Co.’s PowerAde started its campaign “Just a kid” in the beginning of last year. PowerAde has used inspirational stories of professional athlete, who used to have a very hard start and they made their path into fame and success, to deliver a message to everyone that no one has chosen his start but we all can decide our termination. The newest powered commercial tells the story of Seattle Seahawk football player Jimmy Graham, who had a very tough upbringing in a group house in North Carolina to a superstar in the NFL. This paper is going to analyze that commercial and dive inside it to get deep meaning and catch the subtle message beyond its scenes. One of the meanings of this commercial is demonstrating the notion of the American dream. The mythical believe that anyone can start from the bottom and by continuing hard work, he can achieve his goal and attain wealth and possible fame. This meaning has been shown at the beginning of the commercial when it is opened on Jimmy Graham as a boy enters the Goldsboro community orphanage in North Carolina where he has been beaten up and bullied by other older boys. While that happens, the narrator was telling the story of a mouse who fell in a bucket of cream. He tried to survive, but because the cream was thick he

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