The Newly Refurbished Bridpod Hotel

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The newly refurbished Bridpod Hotel in Bridport promises an unforgettable experience for the rapidly growing young generation, the Millennials. With some innovative methods and local authenticity the hotel would like to target the design- and tech-savvy travellers. The Millennials, or also called Generation Y, between the age 20 and 35 years, are unique in terms of their approach to travelling, staying in hotels and eating out. They look for things which are authentic and they desire experiences. They also enjoy being part of the local culture and they are always willing to try what the local culture offers, such as the local cuisine. They might travel by public transport and wear casual clothes but they will spend their money on…show more content…
These references from nearby art galleries, museums and architecture will make the guest feel connected to the local area; the playful design pairings will raise a smile on their faces and their pictures will be shared on social medias. The concept is driven by Georgian harmony and symmetry, trendy colour scheme, 21st century technology and quirky fixtures and fittings. The best word to define this concept is eclectic, where variety of periods and styles are brought together in harmony through the use of colour, texture, shape and finish with a specific connective element, which is in this case the rope of Bridport. The initial inspiration came from the local rope industry. Bridport used to be the centre of rope making due to their ideal location with perfect conditions for the growing of the raw materials they used, flex and hemp. Throughout the refurbishment this sustainable component has been the ideal elementary theme. Bridpod Hotel is not a conventional hotel, therefore a completely new spatial layout was needed to be arranged for better functionality, for the needs of the guests and of course, all this are in compliance with the health and safety regulations and building regulations for the access of the disabled. First of all the hotel needed a lift for easy access. Unfortunately the main entrance has narrow steps and because the building has a small walled front garden, there was no room for such changes.

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