The News Article : Blending Market Research And User Research Activities

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The news article “Blending Market Research and User Research Activities” is written by the author Pallavi Kutty director of the user research team at Move Inc., a subsidiary of News Corp. The given article describes in what various ways the user research and market research activities are carried out for a particular product. She also explains in depth the significance of carrying out both the market and the use research activities. The misconceptions related to both the types of the research activities, the objective of carrying these research activities. To validate her evidence on the misconceptions on the market and the user research activity she has provided proper examples. It also explains the similarities between both the user and market research activities. The author has covered almost all the questions which are required to do the user research activities. She has tried to explain that none of the activities are competing or better than the other. These two research activities were blended at Move Inc. due to the limitation of time and budget. The benefits that occurred after combining these two activities at move Inc. has been explained in detail by the author.
Significance: -
The main aim of the author is to combine the two research activities and create a complete story for the product. Doing only one kind of research whether the user research or market research is not sufficient to develop a good product for the audiences. The problem of doing only one…

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