The News of the World Phone Hacking Scandal from Business Ethics and Csr Point of View

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The News of the World Phone Hacking Scandal from Business Ethics and CSR Point of View

Date: 21 June 2012
Executive Summary
The focus of the project you’re about to read is on the recently phone hacking scandal of famous UK News agency, - The News of The World. The report include a brief explanation of what has happened based on pre-selected online articles, analysis of the scandal from Business Ethics point of view by using various CSR theories discussed during the CSR course in period four and provides conclusion and recommendations on what could have been done.
The research is built on identification of the moral problem identification, analysis of the scandal, optional actions which could have been taken to avoid the
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With its paparazzi style and delivering personalized news, the paper was selling over 2 million copies on weekly basis up until 2010.
Though the phone hacking allegations started back in 2006, accusations reached to its top level on the 4th of July 2011, when it was revealed that the newspaper staff had intercepted and deleted the voicemail of missing British teenager Milly Dowler, who was later found murdered. As a result of the intense allegations News International announced the closure of the newspaper on July the 7th 2011. However the scandal did not just end there by closing the company, it got deepened as the investigations got intensive. The most horrible news was that the company had hacked the phones of the British service personnel killed in action, their families, people who died during 9/11 and their families.
However ethical dilemmas do not just end by the phone hacking scandal, but also secondary dilemma starts with the speech of the owner of the News Corp. Richard Murdoch’s announcement on February the 17th 2012 in London that they were soon to launch a Sunday edition of The Sun as a successor to the News of the World and they were planning to employ a number of former News of the World journalists. 1. What the
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