The Next Day Was The Scheduled Gathering In Deerfield For

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The next day was the scheduled gathering in Deerfield for the Alliance and the area’s conscious dead. I had spent the morning and most of the afternoon about the house, hoping Anna would show up a few hours before the party like she usually does, and as June and I played Gin for bragging rights, she finally decided to pay me a visit. It was Dax and Daisy, who had first sensed her presence, and after June and I had both noticed their ears perk up, we could hear the telltale sound of Anna’s bike in the distance. I didn’t wait for her to arrive and begin her ascent to my home’s second floor where June and I stood in my bedroom peering from my window. I just began slipping off my tracking bracelet as I contorted my disjointed…show more content…
It was as if she had died with so much life in her that this world she’d been cast into as a member of the conscious dead couldn’t fully contain her, it couldn’t fully make her one of them. Don’t get me wrong… she was slightly gray in tone and her eyes at times had that distant look that so many of us have, but there was something else. She didn’t have any of the signs of a true corpse; she moved differently, almost flowed, where most of us are rigid and jerky. And, she smiled more, still filled with optimism like she could conquer the world, whereas the rest of our kind emitted a sense of self-loathing, pity, and hopelessness. “I don’t know…,” I said, scratching my chin as if indecisive while I looked back up at my bedroom window. “June’s been looking mighty fine lately, and if you get the choice between laying with a dead girl and a living one, well…” “That’s your sister you’re talking about, that’s gross,” Anna sneered. “Oh, all right, I guess I’ll have to just settle for a cute blonde then,” I joked. “If you see one let me know.” “You’re an ass,” Anna complained as she shoved the extra bike helmet into my gut. “Easy there, killer,” I kept going like an idiot. “I see that you got your arm all fixed up and now your zombie strength is back.” She just fired up her bike as I climbed on. “Is everything all right with you now?” I asked having referred to her arm,

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