The Next Factor Of Public Opinion

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The next factor involved was public opinion. Many were for campus carry because they felt as if they had a “fundamental right” to be able to carry (“Strickland,”2016). Several students and faculty helped shape public opinion by describing how it would make their college experience a “safe and better” one (“Fernandez,” 2015). Many Texas residents believed that if they were allowed to carry they could then “prevent mass shooting” (“Fernandez,” 2015). This was a main argument of public opinion. Though many were against campus carry the ones for it worked together to help change the minds of people who did not believe that guns should be on campus. They did this by describing that the number of students who would actually carry on campus would “be small” and it would be “older community college students” (“Fernandez,” 2015). Public opinion also helped the bill pass because Texas is a conservative state with “850,000 license holders” (“Fernandez,” 2015). They wanted to make the public happy by passing the bill because the number of people for it outweighed the ones against it. The opinion of people such as the “university’s chief of police” spoke out about not being worried because it never had “been an issue” (“Fernandez,” 2015). Students believed they had a right to “self-preservation” and should be allowed to carry (“Strickland,”2016). In the end Governor Greg aAbbott had listened to people wanting to be allowed to carry on campus and decided he would make the public happy
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