The Next Five Years of Southwest Airlines

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Next 5 Years: Southwest Airlines As I reside in Dallas, Texas, I chose to examine the major initiative planned by Southwest airlines over the next five years and their legal impact. Southwest is a low cost carrier or budget airline that adopts the low cost strategies in all of business, such as the opening airlines, choice of secondary airport, ways of selling tickets and on-board service. Any type of airplane, any simple fare different scheme, direct sales of tickets, no reserved seating, without many national or international passengers services, use of any airport and short-out flights very quickly time ,simple routes with time -to-time transportation, low employment cost with multiple roles and etc. Such a strategy will reduce the price to a lower-level and then the cost they have saved will benefit the passenger, and it will help them. Lowest carrier had change the customary idea of air travelling, is a high level of expenditure into a speed and economic air travelling. The concept original in the United States, follow by Europe and consequently to Asia. Most time of cost carries try to offer additional successful low benefit such as on time performance more legroom. better Airways has been very successful with low-fare Business Class, while Frontier and JetBlue offer live in-flight television. US Airways offers a first class product, and a very extensive route network including international destination. The first successful low-cost carrier was Pacific Southwest
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