The Next Generation Data Center For Big Data Applications With Private Cloud

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Creating The Next Generation Data Center for Big Data Applications with Private Cloud TOC & EXEC SUMARY GOES HERE ONCE PAPER COMPLETED About Stratoscale Stratoscale is focused on leveraging technology to help IT teams make better and more cost-effective use of existing infrastructure. As data needs grow at an ever-increasing pace, Stratoscale has developed a hardware-agnostic, converged infrastructure software solution for data centers to facilitate scale-out, simplify operations, create an agile environment and allow IT infrastructure to exceed business demands. Stratoscale is a unique software-only platform that enables enterprises to easily, quickly, efficiently and reliably build a private cloud using existing heterogeneous x86…show more content…
Today’s Internet companies such as Facebook, Amazon and Google collect and analyze vast volumes of data in real-time to trigger advertising to their users’ pages. Today, many big data environments are using Hadoop as the distributed storage and distributed processing of large datasets using clusters of commodity hardware. These solutions can scale-out from a single server to thousands of servers. Big Data is changing the way business decisions are made. It is no longer a passing fad and if companies are not extracting insights from the data collected, they will be left behind by their competition. Supporting Big Data Projects Big data requires clusters of servers to support the many software tools needed to process and analyze large volumes of structured and unstructured data. Consequently, IT organizations are looking to private cloud computing as the IT architecture to support big data projects. Cloud computing services are available in three-business models -- public, private or hybrid. In the public cloud model, services are delivered over the Internet and sold on-demand. Public cloud provides the ability to scale on-demand, offering users tremendous flexibility and agility. Private cloud services are delivered from the enterprise’s data center to internal users. This model offers enterprises versatility, and unlike public cloud, the enterprise’s
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