The Next Generation of Energy Essay

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Energy resource is the basic material of human activity. In a sense, human and social development is inseparable from the emergence of high-quality energy resources and advanced technologies. Energy resource are the source which can produce all kinds of energy such as heat, electricity, light and mechanical energy, etc. In nowadays, energy resource and the environment, are the major world issues that mankind should concern, since everything we use are made of or involved in consumption of natural resource such as oil, coal, and natural gas.
The energy resource that we mainly use today are fossil fuels. Fossil fuels are one of the most popular energy resource that can be found on earth. There are three types of fossil fuel, oil, coal, and
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That means, if people are unable to find other energy resource to replace fossil fuel, human society will all go back to stone age. The good news is there are several alternatives to save us from this inconvenient disaster. So what are they?
The answer is, renewable energy. Renewable energy generally refers to a variety of inexhaustible energy, in other words, renewable energy can never be depleted. The energy comes from a source that will be constantly renewed such as the sun, wind, water, or the earth’s core. As long as the earth is still intact, these resource which provides energy will always exist. With the energy crisis, people began to focus on the development of renewable energy resources. There are a lot of renewable energies such as solar energy, biomass, wave energy, wind power etc. Each type of renewable energies have their pros and cons, how ever, they are the hope towards solving the energy crisis.
Solar Energy are gathered from the sun and it can be used in modern power generation. The formation of the Earth's living organisms are primarily based on the sun to provide heat and light for them to survive. Since ancient times human beings learnt how to use the sun to dried items, such as dried fish etc. Now, solar energy are collected from Photovoltaic modules or in other words, solar panels. Electricity are generated with the Photovoltaic effect, which converts sunlight into electrical energy.
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