The Next Morning, Tammy Walked Down The Hall Towards The

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The next morning, Tammy walked down the hall towards the kitchen. She yawned wide and scratched her head as she walked. She barely slept. She kept reaching over toward Adam, only to find an empty space. Once she realized for the umpteenth time he was gone, she would cry herself to sleep over and over again. When she got to the end of the hall, she paused when she saw an arm resting on the end of the couch. She took one more step to see her children asleep on the couch under the dog throw she always kept there. It tugged at her heart to see how much the two of them supported each other. Like their father and their uncle, Jason was a protector. It wasn’t hard to see with his arm over Tina’s shoulder in a challenge to anyone to try to take…show more content…
She saw him and excused herself from the woman. She walked up and hugged him tightly. When she pulled back from him, she could see how weary he looked. He seemed to have nothing left but still gave her support. Tina fought back the tears as she said, “I was not expecting you to come.” “You supported me as best you could under the circumstances. I can’t let you go through this without showing my support. I just can’t believe we both lost our fathers at the same time,” he said. His face was so gloomy and spent that she couldn’t help but to hug him again. After a few beats he whispered to her, “Who is that talking to your mom and uncle?” Tina turned and looked in the direction he indicated. “He worked with Daddy. His name is Jake Hunter,” she replied. “He keeps looking over at us. Does he think I’m going to hurt you or something?” he asked staring back at Jake. Jake saw that he was spotted and started talking with Tina’s mom again. “I don’t know, hon. He gives me the creeps. Dad didn’t like him and I have a bad feeling about him. I wish he would leave,” Tina told him as she turned away from Jake and looked at Rodney. He still had his eye on Jake. “I don’t like that look. I really don’t like that look,” he mumbled. Rodney put his arm around Tina’s shoulders and moved them so they were closer to the door. This put a wall between them and Jake. He breathed in and out very heavily and looked back down at her. “I feel better when he can’t see us. I wonder if everyone gets that
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